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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: May 23, 2016 11:41am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: An upload every 18 seconds - - for NINE Hours- - or 2,100 in a single day

Archiving is one thing- - - but THOUSANDS of uploads in a single day into the main reception server is worth notice. Looking at the contents - - - those are already stored elsewhere - - - AND at not-so-restricted access.

What insult? If someone appears to be attempting to use the site not for the preservation of items for posterity but for their own experimentation at . . . . . . what ever. . . It's worth notice - - - and mention.

to quote:
"This account was a contributor until informed by the admins that contributions were no longer necessary."

and STILL there are more uploads. Worth MORE notice? you betchum Red Ryder.

Noah 8-?